Who We Are

Who We Are

Ever wonder what Methodism is all about? Curious about the structure of the larger Church that our own Sidney United Methodist Church is a part of? Below you will find resources regarding Methodism in general, the Upper New York Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church and the Oneonta District.


A great starting point to find out more regarding the Methodist Church as a whole, throughout our country and the rest of the world, is www.umc.org. The site provides information on Church structure, Organization, Administration and History under their tab labeled “Who We Are.” In their “What We Believe” section, you can find resources regarding the Basics of Our Faith, our Social Principals and Creed, Spiritual Living, and even a Glossary of Terms and an FAQ area for reference. Looking within the “How We Serve” area of their site, you can find out more about missions and ministries of the United Methodist Church as a whole. And don’t forget to check out their “News and Media” and “Resources” sections, for even more information!


Within the United Methodist Church there are many area Conferences. SUMC is a part of the Upper New York Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church. The Conference website is www.unyumc.org and is the place to go for all Conference related content you may be looking for. Such as: “Mission & Ministry” which contains a list of the missions and ministries of the Upper New York Annual Conference, as well as a summary of The Vision and Purpose Of the Upper New York Annual Conference, “News and Publications” where an archive of articles regarding all the latest Conference News can be found (and you can even browse by the type of subject matter you’re looking for, or by a particular district), a Calendar of upcoming Conference events and an “About Us” section containing an intro to Bishop Webb, information regarding the 2014 Annual Conference and much more.


Within each Conference of The United Methodist Church, there are multiple Districts. SUMC is a part of the Oneonta District of the Upper New York Annual Conference. The District website can be found at https://sites.google.com/site/oneontadistrictumc/. Theirs is the site to navigate to for any and all District specific information. Their “About” section covers the basics. Under “News” you will find an online version of the Oneonta District newsletter, where you can read up on all the latest happenings and find out about upcoming events. In the “Ministries” section of their site, a list of ongoing ministries within the District can be found, with additional details on each. There are some great “Worship Resources” on their site, as well a page dedicated to information regarding “Hands to Plow.”